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In-house Graphic Design work

During my time as a Student Support and Engagement Assistant at The University of Manchester, I was allowed to develop my creative skills. The role itself was specifically tailored to me to take advantage of my design experience. I was put in charge of designing material for both digital and print to improve student financial and psychological wellbeing.

Working for the University meant working within strict brand guidelines. My largest challenge was stretching their limits to create engaging and contemporary materials that would not feel too corporate.

I also had much experience sending finished designs to print both in small and large formats. Flyers were being created and sent off on an almost weekly basis to coincide with University wellbeing campaigns. The samples included here predominantly cover financial issues, but some campaigns had a wellbeing focus.

I also managed graphics and some minor coding on the Student Support Website creating bespoke icons and designs and fine-tuning page layouts. The main goal was to simplify the user experience, making sure that the right advice was easy to find and reducing the strain on University support services. Because of my and the team’s efforts, we saw a decrease in face-to-face visits and an increase in website visits and self-referrals.

I also oversaw filming, editing and branding of a monthly well-being video series called “Manchester Minutes”. Rather than hire another member of staff, which would have been resource-intensive, I went out of my way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to effectively produce the material.


Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

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