Satan's Glaze

Freelance Graphic Design and Branding commission

I was approached by Satan's Glaze, a Sheffield-based food producer to create their promotional and branding materials. As a completely new company I was in charge of creating their image from scratch. Being fans of my cartoon style, they were keen to incorporate that into the overall design, but needed it to be readable at all scales, from t shirts to stickers. 

Thankfully I was up to the challenge and saw the team from conception to finalisation, giving advice on printing and how to get the most out of the designs.

Satan's Glaze is going from strength-to-strength surviving lockdown and even expanding their business.

Will! That looks great! Exactly what I was after!...Thanks again Matt, Satan's Glaze

Satan's Glaze Inta.png
SG Cup.jpg
SG Lamp.jpg
Satans Glaze Social Media Feed.jpg