POWWR (formerly UD Group)

In-house UX/UI Designer

As a UX/UI Designer with POWWR, my key responsibility is to assess customer needs and translate these into viable product enhancements within an agile development environment across various product teams. I also do some work as a Graphic Designer to assist the marketing department with collateral for social media and the website.
With not many visual aspects of my work easily accessible, I have written up the following case studies to explain some of the projects I have done and what I do day-...

Case Study: Product Rebrand


After partnering with POWWR, we needed to bring all of the existing products in line with their new branding so that we a consistent feel across our portfolios.


I took an exploratory audit of the existing system, going into the front-end CSS to figure out how this project could be accomplished in, firstly, the shortest time-frame, and secondly, with the least interruption to usage. 

To save time, with a strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, I took it upon myself to write the necessary code that could then be handed of to the development team to be implemented in the back end.

I took time to carefully write up and document the required changes including snippets of code and screenshots to limit delays in the implementation process. I also employed my skills as a graphic designer to re-build the asset library with new, updated iconography, going the extra mile by converting everything into SVG format to ease any future edits that needed to be made.

I managed epics on Jira and split up the work into easy-to-digest steps that could be slotted into existing or future sprints, thus limiting product downtime.


The project was completed in excellent time, and the product fitted in seamlessly with POWWRs existing portfolio and branding. 

My work gained critical acclaim from senior management and the slick interface earned positive feedback from customers.


Case Study: New Funcionality


Although there is not much scope for new products, product enhancements are a weekly endeavour. Either improving existing functionality or creating new features.


After assessing the customer's needs, usually as a result of liaising with the sales team or feedback from existing customers, initial meetings with development and product management teams are held. Following these, I am in charge of the concept phase; creating wireframes, mocking up pages and figuring out where the new feature will fit in the existing system.

I am usually in regular contact with development teams to understand how long my proposed ideas will take, and how I can make their lives easier. To facilitate this I often write snippets of code, editing existing elements and features so they can be re-used and quickly slotted into the new functionality.


My designs and wireframes are handed off to the development team to be created. As the designer, I keep in touch throughout this process to answer any questions about the functionality or design.