Branding, UI design, App design

The Idea

Ever been unable to find an open mic to practice your skills? Or perhaps your DJ mate has cancelled last minute for your house party, and no one wants to hear you play a 2 hour Abba playlist? Why isn't there an app that connects local musicians and DJs with events and parties? Introducing, Aux, a 'Music Matchmaker' where musicians can be paired with hosts. This could range from a quick DJ set at a house party to headlining a new club night in the city centre!

App Mockup Hero.jpg

Heading 3

Aux Concept Sheets.jpg

The Concept

Stemming from an original name of "Be My Band" I needed to figure out whom this App was aimed at and what it needed to accomplish.

I eventually settled on the name "Aux" from a couple of places. Firstly, if you were in charge of music at a small party, gathering or in your mate's car, you were given control of the Aux cable. It's a universally understood bit of tech and not appears as an option on most Hi-Fis. Second, the term Auxilliary is another word for Support. One of the app's essential functions is finding musical support for events.

The logo is a combination of the name Aux and a location pin common on most applications. It's simple and clean enough to use on its own either for branding or merchandise.


I created a brief brand guide for the app just to simulate a real production flow and to ensure that designs were consistent throughout the application.

Brand Guide Display.png

The Prototype

I took my idea into Adobe XD to create an interactive prototype. It's by no means a complete app, but it was useful to practise, and I'm thrilled with the flow of the prototype.

XD Screen Fade.jpg