18 Rue De Calvados, Vire, 1944

Freelance Concept Art commission

I was approached by Ryan Scammell, a New York-based animator, to assist with a personal project he was developing.

I won't disclose details of the script and finer points until the animation is released, but I can say it's set in France during WWII and revolves around the lives and loss of a series of characters.

I was commissioned to design the initial concepts and T-Poses which would then be used by, Ryan and his team to make the final character models. Although it was a personal project I was eager to prove myself so outlined a strict deadline for each stage of the process. 

Through structured time management, I managed to complete each piece ahead of schedule and Ryan now has the necessary resources to move forward on this project.

Initial character sketches

Concept Art - Charater 3/4 view

Second run of initial character sketches

Concept Art - Charater 3/4 view

First draft of A-Poses

Final draft of A-Poses

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